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   Jun 24

Harmony Farm Rocks!

When my worm farming hubby announced that our family was invited to a celebration at the Phoenix Zoo, I jumped up and down with glee. Mostly because I knew I’d need something to do with our four kids the day after getting home from vacation – and who doesn’t like the ZOO?! We were all […]

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   Jun 17

The Invention has a Name!

So our family took a trip to Pinetop, Arizona for the week.  Vacations are for relaxing, enjoying one another, adventuring and recharging…right?  So my husband, the Worm Farmer, decided this week would be the perfect opportunity to work.  He packed up his laptop and made lists of items that “he” never has the time to […]

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   Jun 17

From the Wife of a Worm Farmer

My husband is so smart.  Don’t stop reading – I know you think yours is smart too.  But mine farms worms.  He’s so smart.  Seven years ago, I thought he was…not that smart.  He got this crazy idea that he could breed waterdogs (those are baby salamanders) in our storage room.  He actually started them […]

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Due to high temperatures, we are only able to ship worms October through April. Summer worm orders may be picked up upon request.

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