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   Jul 29

Lessons From the Cantaloupe

Last year we planted cantaloupe on the “pool” side of our yard.  The vines grew itsy, bitsy little melons, and our four kids just loved watering them.  With pool water.  Every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  The melons died. This year my worm farmer made the brave attempt to grow more cantaloupe.  This time he […]

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   Jul 20

Crate Expectations

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a pallet of crates delivered to your front door.   I sincerely hope I am the only one with my hand in the air, tentatively admitting that this indeed happened to me.  A pallet of crates – which is, in fact, NINETY-SIX crates – now line the pool fence […]

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   Jul 10

Hard Work!

When my Worm Farming husband was just my boyfriend, he bought a brand new truck.  He brought it to my parents’ house and showed it off to everyone.  It was beautiful!  We drove it all around that night, looked at all the features, and had so much fun imagining life together in this truck.  The […]

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   Jul 02

It is HOT!

There is no other way to say it.  It’s hot.  I’m not even going to belabor the point – you all have skin that can feel.  We are so saddened by how the heat and wind have caused such tragedy with the fires of the past couple of days. Our prayers are absolutely with all […]

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Due to high temperatures, we are only able to ship worms October through April. Summer worm orders may be picked up upon request.

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Worm Castings
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  • 20 lb bag
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  • 1 lb bag
    $40.00 + (pick up only)

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