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   Sep 24

The Dirt

It’s a sight every wife loves – dirt tracked all over the floor.  You know what I mean – big ol’ muddy man footprints making their way from the back door to the bathroom…or the kitchen…or the worm room.  “The worm room?” you say?  Mmhmm.  We have a room dedicated to worms in our house. […]

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   Sep 01


I started writing this blog as a way to support my husband.  He’s worked so hard the past seven years to become a worm farmer and offer a superior product to local gardeners.  He loves what he does!  His Worm Grottos are his peaceful place.  If he’s home, he’s outside doing something with the gardens […]

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Due to high temperatures, we are only able to ship worms October through April. Summer worm orders may be picked up upon request.

Worm Castings

Worm Castings
  • 2 lb bag
    $6.00 (pick up only)

  • 5 lb bag
    $12.00 (pick up only)

  • 10 lb bag
    $20.00 (pick up only)

  • 20 lb bag
    $30.00 (pick up only)

  • 40 lb bag
    $50.00 (pick up only)


  • 1 lb bag
    $40.00 + (pick up only)

Worm Grotto™

  • $749.00 + tax

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