Jun 25

Foggy Brain Days

If you have read even one of my blog posts, you know how much I adore my Worm Farmer.  Everything he does is wonderful.  I am so proud of his Worm Grotto.  I love it when he brings me a cucumber, or a tomato, or a bunch of grapes.  I really, honestly love this life-long project he’s got himself and our family involved in – it has changed our lives. 

But I didn’t know we had corn growing.  How could I NOT KNOW we had CORN growing?!

My defense:  My brain has been on overload for ten months.

First came “baby brain” when we picked up three-week-old Baby D from the hospital.  Sleepless nights with a newborn are their own kind of torture – add in sleepless nights with a substance-exposed preemie who is in withdrawal, and it becomes a four month long contest to see how many nights one can actually go without more than two hours of sleep at a time. 

Second came my grand decision to begin my Master degree.  It’s a lofty goal.  One I’ve been planning for since I walked away from Grand Canyon University with my Bachelor degree.  I even enrolled at Liberty University Online – the closest I could get to being a student at the school I had always dreamed of attending.  Exciting!  A new challenge!  Dream come true! 

Positively overwhelming.

Plus we sent our granddaughter to live in Texas with her mama, plus we took a five day road trip where we drove 1300 miles in two days, plus we have three school-age kids I’m homeschooling, plus Baby D is now a healthy ten-month-old who crawls faster than I can run.  You must get my picture.

So the other day I wandered outside to do something…I think I kicked a soccer ball out of the way…pretty sure I hollered at a kid to take out the trash…vaguely remember letting the dog out with me…maybe I was heading out to pick an onion or something…

And there it was.  CORN!

I know most people who read my posts are seasoned gardeners who have all grown and eaten their own corn.  A few people I know weren’t too impressed with my discovery because they grow corn all the time. 

It maybe be simple, but I feel like one of my kids.  

I found actual corn growing in my own backyard – corn purposely planted, tended and watered by my very own Worm Farmer – that I didn’t know ANYTHING about…and it did something to me.  Brought me back to reality.

I took a break from school.

I moved the baby into his own room – and now he sleeps all night.

I organized homeschool and my kids are actually enthusiastic about it.

I got my brain back.

With a big sigh of relief (I take many during the days now), I give you my recommendation: If you’re on overload, walk around your backyard.  Maybe there’s corn growing there.

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