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   Jun 25

Foggy Brain Days

If you have read even one of my blog posts, you know how much I adore my Worm Farmer.  Everything he does is wonderful.  I am so proud of his Worm Grotto.  I love it when he brings me a cucumber, or a tomato, or a bunch of grapes.  I really, honestly love this life-long […]

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   Apr 25

From the HUSBAND of the Wife of a Worm Farmer

What would the husband of “the wife of a worm farmer” talk about if he chose to take over the blog for a month?  I know…WHY am I taking over for a month???  Yeah, I’m asking that too.  Well, currently Momma is not feeling well.  That should be enough reason, right? Oh, no — there’s […]

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   Feb 19

Yummy Peas

So our little Baby D is getting big.  A couple months back he started solid food.  Being that this is my fourth go-round with a baby, I thought it was time to start living up to our values and go as natural as possible with his meals.  Don’t get me wrong – I have tons […]

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   Dec 30


Canyonland Worms is a family business in every sense of that term.  It’s small.  We run it out of our home.  There’s not one member of our growing family who is not involved.  My worm farmer is the main man.  He has all the (brilliant) ideas and implements them daily.  He is the face of […]

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   Oct 30

Those Moments

The other day I came home from the grocery store to find this: My worm farmer was telling our two-month-old baby boy all about sugar snap peas.  They were comparing the three beds where the peas were growing, and noted how a couple of the plants had already started to send out tendrils to wrap around the […]

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   Sep 24

The Dirt

It’s a sight every wife loves – dirt tracked all over the floor.  You know what I mean – big ol’ muddy man footprints making their way from the back door to the bathroom…or the kitchen…or the worm room.  “The worm room?” you say?  Mmhmm.  We have a room dedicated to worms in our house. […]

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   Sep 01


I started writing this blog as a way to support my husband.  He’s worked so hard the past seven years to become a worm farmer and offer a superior product to local gardeners.  He loves what he does!  His Worm Grottos are his peaceful place.  If he’s home, he’s outside doing something with the gardens […]

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   Aug 17

Traveling Worm Farmer

Four kids in a Ford Explorer.  Six states.  2000 miles.  A jittery wife.  Bears and elk to spot.  This is the situation my Worm Farmer found himself in during the first week of August.  On top of that, it was his 50th birthday. Back in January we started planning how we were going to celebrate my […]

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   Jul 29

Lessons From the Cantaloupe

Last year we planted cantaloupe on the “pool” side of our yard.  The vines grew itsy, bitsy little melons, and our four kids just loved watering them.  With pool water.  Every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  The melons died. This year my worm farmer made the brave attempt to grow more cantaloupe.  This time he […]

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   Jul 20

Crate Expectations

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a pallet of crates delivered to your front door.   I sincerely hope I am the only one with my hand in the air, tentatively admitting that this indeed happened to me.  A pallet of crates – which is, in fact, NINETY-SIX crates – now line the pool fence […]

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