Jun 24

Harmony Farm Rocks!

When my worm farming hubby announced that our family was invited to a celebration at the Phoenix Zoo, I jumped up and down with glee. Mostly because I knew I’d need something to do with our four kids the day after getting home from vacation – and who doesn’t like the ZOO?!

We were all anticipating a rousing reunion with the elephant and giraffes we love to visit. With all the good intentions in the world, I faithfully set our alarm for 5:00am. And I did wake up at five – long enough to peek at my hubby’s side of the bed, see that he was gone (so obviously he was awake!) and roll back over for a little more snoozing. So you understand my shock and dismay when my mister came running into the room, shook me awake and announced I had 45 minutes to get the kids dressed, fed, and out-the-door. In my opinion, those giraffes could just wait.

Hubby likes to be on time, though, so with precision and finesse I got those kids in the car. I’d rekindled some of my enthusiasm, and we headed out for a morning at the Phoenix Zoo. The celebration we were invited to attend was actually the Grand Opening of The Windmill House at Harmony Farm. This area of the Phoenix Zoo has been under renovation for several years, and it is IMPRESSIVE! Now, I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know about Harmony Farm’s existence until our big visit yesterday. I tend to avoid petting zoos because our youngest daughter goes a little nutty around animals. She likes to chase them. And while chasing the cat up the stairs at our house is a perfectly fine way of torturing the family pet, goats and sheep don’t really like that so much.151

Harmony Farm is so much more than a petting zoo, though! The Windmill House has plenty of centers set up where kids can learn about farm animals and operations. The farm is complete with a cow and her calf, horses, donkeys, sheep, turkeys, and goats (and I’m sure other animals I’m forgetting). They have a garden, and they have…WORMS! Our kids had a blast digging in the composting bin where hundreds of worms reside. While talking with a lady who works at Harmony Farm, I learned that the zoo has several of these composting bins around the property, where all the leftovers of the animals’ vegetable diet become food for the worms…and ultimately compost for the gardens at Harmony Farm.

And so our day at the Phoenix Zoo was complete because we got to see worms. We went and visited our elephant and the giraffes, saw a few monkeys and said “hello” to the zebras. But the worms were the main attraction, and we were happy. Because really, there is nothing better than a handful of worms.

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