Sep 24

The Dirt

It’s a sight every wife loves – dirt tracked all over the floor.  You know what I mean – big ol’ muddy man footprints making their way from the back door to the bathroom…or the kitchen…or the worm room.  “The worm room?” you say?  Mmhmm.  We have a room dedicated to worms in our house.

It’s actually not in the house.  We bought a home with a three car garage, and the third car section was quickly walled off, insulated and air conditioned to give the worms a cool place to rest.  With shelves to hold the worms’ tubs, a scale for weighing the products and huge bins for holding castings, the space is small but useful to Canyonland Worms.  IMG_0261If you opened the door to the room, you’d immediately know what my hubby’s values are.  Posters from motivational seminars line the walls, interspersed with Dallas Cowboys, Arizona Diamondbacks and ASU memorabilia. But the presence of a refrigerator full of tasty snacks and beverages is what makes me secretly suspect this room is actually my worm farmer’s man-cave.

Many days my hubby will disappear from sight.  I always know that if the garage light is on, I’ll find him in the worm room.  But what does he do out there?  It’s somewhat of a mystery, since as soon as I open the door I hear a “Yep!” or “Hoh!” or “What’s up, Honey?” and by the time I’m actually in the room he’s standing there innocently waiting to talk to me.  But evidence of actual work does appear on a regular basis.  IMG_0262Using a special screen, my worm farmer hand-sifts composted dirt from the Worm Grotto in order to separate the worm eggs, castings and leftover compost.  The castings go into large bins which he measures out into pre-sewn bags for sale.  All the product is kept in this cool, dry, dark space until it’s ready to be sold.  He also hand-harvests the worms into one-pound bags for sale.  He doesn’t usually do this until he has an order, so that the worms can live in their home environment for as long as possible.

The Worm Grottos are amazing – their invention has led to a reliable way to raise worms in the intense Phoenix heat.  But my worm farmer’s worm room is where the magic happens.  So I’ll endure the dirt-tracks on my tile…it’s for a good cause.

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