Oct 30

Those Moments

The other day I came home from the grocery store to find this:IMG_1486

My worm farmer was telling our two-month-old baby boy all about sugar snap peas.  They were comparing the three beds where the peas were growing, and noted how a couple of the plants had already started to send out tendrils to wrap around the trellis.  They also noticed that the onions Big Brother Levi had planted the weekend prior were already sprouting.  That was good news to share with Mama!

As I silently watched from the patio, father and son moved on to the first Worm Grotto in the yard.  This one had lettuce and more onions growing in front of it.  Baby Boy pointed out to Dad how leafy the plants were looking – more glad tidings to bring to Mama!  After a quick look behind this particular Grotto, my worm farmer was quick to mention to our infant that a potato plant had finally poked its head out from the fertile soil it had been hiding in.  He reminded the baby that we need to talk to Grampa about the next step in raising potatoes.

Still unnoticed, I walked a little farther out onto the patio so that I could continue eavesdropping on the conversation.  My worm farmer carefully hoisted our sweet bundle over to another Worm Grotto.  As they passed a mid-yard bed, they saw that the spinach had also made its first appearance.  I made a note to remind my hubby to keep an eye on that spinach – we like it best when it’s picked early!  In the next Grotto’s bed, Daddy and Baby Boy were disappointed to find very little going on.  I knew that my worm farmer would be working on that bed the following weekend.

I made the mistake of chuckling quietly – the spell was broken.  My worm farmer, looking like a little boy caught in-the-act, sheepishly brought the baby to me.  Their time together was a little bit ruined by my interruption, but together we opened the pool gate and went to check on the last Worm Grotto in the yard.  This masterpiece feeds and waters our grapevine.  We love our grapevine.  It’s probably our favorite plant in the yard.

As we examined the vine and wondered at its growth and beauty over the past four years, we found a surprise.  Hidden amongst the newest growth on the vine was a tiny, brand new bunch of grapes!IMG_1488  How thrilling!  Exciting!  Breathtaking!  Totally WRONG for this time of year!  We looked at each other and just shook our heads.  No use trying to explain THAT.

I just love days like that one.  Having a garden is an adventure we never thought we’d embark upon.  Being able to share and teach all of our children about growing food and composting with worms has caused us to open our minds to new possibilities for our future.  And to watch my worm farmer spend such intimate time with this blessing we call our baby – there’s really just one word for that: beautiful.

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