Feb 19

Yummy Peas

So our little Baby D is getting big.  A couple months back he started solid food.  Being that this is my fourth go-round with a baby, I thought it was time to start living up to our values and go as natural as possible with his meals.  Don’t get me wrong – I have tons of aspirations when it comes to my entire family’s health that never seem to pan out.  I’ve found recipes for just about everything, including my own baby formula and laundry soap.  Time seems to be my enemy in these pursuits, but making baby food – now THAT I can do.

It started when I was struggling with buying D a Christmas gift.  He was going to be five months old at Christmas, and no five month old wants anything except MAYBE a wad of Christmas wrap to slobber on.  Not only that, but foster care brings out the generous in people; I’ve got toys and clothes coming out my ears for this little booger, and I began to see very little reason to spend loads of money on more stuff.  Pushing my way through the Christmas crowds, I wandered to the baby section of my favorite discount department store with my cohort in shopping.  I was complaining of my dilemma when we stumbled upon the baby food making sets.  I got very excited.  Like, I think I jumped up and down.  This was my answer – buy a baby food maker for D and call it his Santa gift!  Win!

It’s fun making baby food.  It’s so fresh!  And it looks so real!  I had a little trouble with green peas (translation: I grossly undercooked the first pot and burned the second pot black), but the squash turned out good – and Baby D loves his squash!  We’ve had zucchini, apples and bananas too – and I finally got a pot of peas to work.  But it wasn’t enough.  At least not for the worm farmer I call Hubby.  Oh, no.  Buying veggies from the store, cooking and pureeing them for the little man just wasn’t cutting it.  He had a plan.  He pulled out the good stuff – sugar snap peas from OUR garden.

I’m not sure why I was skeptical.  D loves peas.  We grow yummy peas.  Those two facts should add up to D loving our yummy peas.  Maybe I was jealous that I didn’t think of that awesome idea.  Or maybe I was annoyed that the worm farmer was invading my kitchen.  Whatever the reason, after he cooked them up, I let them sit in the fridge for two full days before I finally pureed them.  Oh, how I wish I hadn’t waited!  There was only enough to make two servings (which was probably good, since I waited so long to serve them).  Little Baby D LOVED those peas.  He slurped them up!  All of them!  Not a pureed sugar snap pea to be found left in those cute little gimmicky baby food containers. 

So I decided that rather than being skeptical about any ideas my worm farmer has regarding food the kids should eat, I’m going to gladly pave a path between the garden and the kitchen for him.  It’ll be hard, but I’ll make the sacrifice and let him cook.  Now…I wonder what kind of good ideas he has about keeping the house clean…;-)


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